Job Estimates – What to expect

Having work done at your home by The Handyman Dude will involve getting a price for materials, equipment rental if needed, and labor.

Here’s our list of things to consider:

1) Estimates are usually good for 30 -60 days. This is because cost of materials and labor can increase over time. For example, The cost of a dumpster rental or other equipment rental, if needed, would likely not be the same if your estimate was over 6 months old.

2) Some projects may be large in scope where extra help is needed. The Handyman Dude takes into consideration the costs of hiring additional help if your project might require it. We do things with safety in mind.

3) The cost of materials is always discussed at the estimate meeting. You may have found a great looking faucet at the Habitat for Humanity rehab store and want to use that. Or a new faucet may need purchased. Whether you pick up that item or we do, material needs and who will be paying for them is always reviewed in advanced.

4) How long it may take to complete a project can be affected by a few things. One consideration is the weather. If you have an outdoor project Mother Nature can have her way at times. While we don’t melt in the rain and have worked through a rainy day, some projects are affected by the weather.

We can dance in the rain, but we can’t paint your front door. Also planting grass in July is not a good idea. Some projects have to be scheduled on the calendar at the right time. If you’re having a High school Graduation party at your home in May, you may need to complete home repair projects in the fall and winter.

5) Hidden issues can crop up. An estimate doesn’t take into account that we may discover additional things that need addressed when working on a project. We’ve all watched Hildy on HGTV’s “Love It or List It” tell the home owner they’ve uncovered a problem that has to be fixed which affects the design plans, budget, and completion timeline. That can also happen on a small job.

We can remove shutters for a painting project and discover a massive hornets nest needs removed or that you have a termite problem. There is always a risk that an unplanned cost associated with the project could arise. We don’t factor extra dollars into an estimate for those types of discoveries. Instead, if they are uncovered we talk with you about the next right thing to do to fix the problem and work with you to accomplish the project safely and as efficiently as possible. Sometimes that could mean hiring another company to assist.

6) If you’re not sure exactly what is covered in an estimate or the scope of work that was discussed, don’t be afraid to ask questions or for another explanation. You need to understand what The Handyman Dude is planning to do and if you are confused or aren’t sure of the planned steps to complete the project we want you to feel free to ask. We want you to be on the same page as us for time, materials and labor costs.

It is like that Farmers Insurance commercial… you don’t want to think you have insurance coverage on a corvette when really your money is buying a clunker. The same thing goes for estimates. You need to understand exactly what you’re buying.

I think we do a great job explaining the scope of work in an estimate and reviewing with the home owner their needs and expectations. However, if you ever feel uncomfortable or confused about the project, please reach out to Chris and ask to review the game plan. We want to exceed your expectations, not just meet them and we certainly don’t want to miss the mark simply because of a breakdown in communication.

About the Author Sheila Davis – Wife of “The Famous Handyman Dude.”  I love helping people! Writing has always been a passion of mine.  I am also a firm believer of the “Giver’s Gain” mentality. If I can help you or your business I will! I believe people always lead to people who lead to the right people. How can I help you? Leave a comment.

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